Pledge to vote for music

Labor will support the music industry.

Under the NSW Liberals and Nationals, venues are closing across NSW, funding for the industry has been stagnant at $4 million a year compared to $27 million per year in Victoria, and the Government has declared war on music festivals.

We've lost lost hundreds of venues and thousands of jobs since the NSW Liberals and Nationals were elected in 2011. Now due to the actions of the NSW Liberals and Nationals, we are losing music festivals as well.

Labor will put an end to the war on music, we have announced:

  • An increase in total funding for contemporary music from under $4 million over the last four years of Liberal and National Government to $35 million.
  • Establishing a “Music Community” designation to recognise communities that have a strong music sector and value music. Labor will develop formal guidelines and a threshold to achieve the Music Community designation, and then work with local councils to support and promote these communities.
  • Direct support for artists to record and tour, including internationally through a new $1.3 million “Music Passport” program; and regionally and nationally through a new $5.1 million “band aid” program
  • Invest $4 million in supporting music festivals across NSW, including $700,000 to the Sydney fringe festival. Labor will also streamline the licensing process for music festivals and allow organisers with an established record to obtain multi-year approvals for festivals.
  • Rebuilding the suburban and regional touring circuit in NSW, with $1.3 million to support an “On the Road Again” program to take music industry promoters and booking agents on tour to regional venues and provide a substantial funding boost to the ‘Live and Local’ program.
  • Creating a home for the music sector in Sydney. It will include performance and rehearsal spaces, recording and writing studios, youth programming and community radio, with a contribution of up to $10 million.

Read our full policy here.

Pledge to vote for music

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