Rose Jackson

Rose has run local, state and federal campaigns for NSW Labor and served as a Councillor on Waverley Council from 2008-2012. Rose previously worked for United Voice, a union representing low-paid workers in the service and hospitality industries. Rose was particularly proud of her advocacy for early childhood educators and cleaners, both of whom are undervalued and underpaid despite the essential work they do.

Rose has previously worked as an Advisor to Minister Verity Firth and The Hon. Dr Meredith Burgmann MLC, President of the Legislative Council. Rose was President of the National Union of Students, President of the University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council and a Fellow of the University of Sydney Senate.

Rose’s political priorities include a bigger and more democratic NSW Labor, building a mass movement of progressive and centre left people taking action to support Labor and its vision. Rose believes NSW Labor’s value in the modern era is its capacity to bring together strangers who share a passion about a common cause, and give them the skills and framework to take action to achieve their shared goals. 

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