Julia Finn


Julia Finn is a long term local resident and lives with her husband Leigh and her dog Knox. Julia has served on Parramatta City Council since 1999 and is passionate about preserving the heritage and diversity of our area. She understands the need to invest in our future to ensure universal access to health, education and transport.

Julia believes that our future is not for sale and protecting our community assets from privatisation is vital. Having worked in the electricity industry for over a decade, Julia understands the need to keep essential services like the electricity network in public hands.

As a Councillor, Julia has been a tireless advocate for our community ensuring we get our fair share. She has fought to retain local services such as Council run childcare centres and will continue to fight for our local pools. Local community facilities including pools, parks, schools and childcare are essential for a vibrant growing community like ours.

Our community needs someone who will fight for us. Julia will stand up for Granville, fighting the Liberals’ cuts to local peak hour train services, Guildford fire station and Granville TAFE. Julia will oppose the introduction of a new toll on the M4 and ensure the new off ramps promised are delivered. She will also protect Westmead Hospital and supports a publicly funded upgrade and will fight privatisation.

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