Fiona Phillips

Fiona Phillips is the Labor candidate for South Coast in the 2015 State Election.

One of us

Fiona was born and raised on the South Coast and is now also raising her family locally. As a mother of four children, teacher, and local community activist, Fiona knows that everyone deserves the opportunity to get ahead.

Standing up for us

As a community member, Fiona is fighting for the South Coast. With the support of local residents, she led our community’s successful campaign to save Nowra’s community swimming pool and have it re-built. Fiona continues to be actively involved in community association matters right across the South Coast, as well as be an advocate for community members on local issues.

A better deal for the South Coast

Having lived on the South Coast for 40+ years, Fiona has watched as the needs of our area have been ignored and we get a “raw deal”. The Liberals are taking our area for granted by slashing funding for our hospitals, schools and TAFE, while continuing to not provide adequate policing and community services in towns and villages. With your support, Fiona can take up the fight for a better deal for our community.

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