Courtney Houssos

Courtney_Houssos_MP.pngCourtney Houssos was born and raised in Forster on the Mid North Coast of NSW and attended local public schools before graduating from the University of New South Wales. Courtney now lives in Earlwood with her husband, George, and their daughter, Anna.

Courtney is a former official of the NSW Australian Labor Party, spending the last ten years organising community campaigns with Labor members across the state with a strong focus on ensuring regional NSW receives its fair share of government services and infrastructure.

As a member of the NSW Legislative Council, she is committed to representing all of NSW. Courtney will be a strong voice for working families, who are often too busy balancing work and family and get overlooked by government. Courtney strongly believes that governments, first and foremost, should support working people and provide a safety net for those who need it most. She is a strong advocate for universal and accessible healthcare, quality local education, and safe and fair workplace practices.

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