Abolishing payroll tax for the far west

Since 1991, the population in the Far West of NSW has fallen by over 18 per cent.

This means less customers for local businesses in the Far West. Due to poor connectivity and infrastructure issues in the area, businesses have experienced difficulties in attracting and retaining staff. This hurts everyone in the Far West not just the people who own and work in these businesses.

The Nationals have failed to support the Far West because they have different priorities.

In our Far West… the challenge is a significant drop in population… Business has difficulty attracting and retaining staff, because of poor connectivity and infrastructure. Once again, the Nationals won’t act. But Labor will.

NSW Labor believe in an equal society where every region of our state gets a fair go.

That is why Labor will abolish payroll tax for businesses in the Far West. Labor’s policy will help the people of the Far West get back on their feet. By removing this tax burden, Far West businesses will be better able to retain and create jobs. More jobs will put a plug in the population drift and the extra pay packets will boost local spending.

Current projections show the Far West population will fall by more than 27 per cent by 2036. We must act now. The region has a long and proud history from the world’s oldest human made structure in Brewarrina to the birthplace of one of Australia’s largest companies in Broken Hill.

Labor wants to see a thriving Far West NSW into the next century.