72 Hour Project


May 15, 2019 at 2:00pm - May 18, 2019


NSW Labor Organising Centre
Level 9 377 Sussex Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
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Vanessa Song · · 0450220295

The 72 Hour Project is your last chance to make a difference this Federal Election. 

This election is a choice. More chaos and division, or our united Labor team and our vision for a fair go for Australia. 

More investment in healthcare and education, or more cuts to Medicare, public schools and the NDIS. 

Real action on climate change, or more denial and inaction.

Can you join the fight?

We need you at the Organising Centre in the final two weeks of this campaign. We need your help to win the key seats in NSW that will secure a Labor victory on May 18. 

We'll be running our Organising Centre from 2:30PM -5PM and 5:30PM - 8PM. 

RSVP below for a time that best suits you.

Wednesday 15th May Call Party with Special Guest Tony Burke MP


Thursday 16 May Call Party


Friday 17 May Call Party