Thanks to Medicare, Australians receive some of the best healthcare in the world, from the best health workers available, and in most instances all they have to do is show their Medicare card.

A Brief History of Medicare

The Whitlam government first introduced Medibank, with the goal to expand access to the existing health care system. This was abolished by the Fraser government in 1981, resulting in a privatised version of Medibank which was not as effective.


In 1984, the Hawke Government revived the universal health fund under a new name: Medicare. This meant that families across Australia were now able to afford basic health care.

In last year's budget, the Albanese Labor Government delivered the largest ever investment in bulk-billing. We made medicines cheaper & grew the number of GPs and nurses working right across the country. This means Medicare will be stronger for the next 40 years & deliver cost of living relief for all Australians.

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