NSW Labor Party Office Contacts

Contact Details


(02) 9207 2000

1800 503 035

Fax (02) 9264 2574

9th Floor Labor Council Building,
377 - 383 Sussex St Sydney


PO Box K408
Haymarket NSW 1240


General Secretary Kaila Murnain

Assistant General Secretary


Assistant General Secretary

Rose Jackson


Pat Garcia

Country Organiser Jay Suvaal
State Field Director/ Organiser  David Dobson
Events and Business Communications Director Patty Barrett

Digital Campaigns 

Joe Brockelsby
Financial Controller  Maggie Wang

Honorary Party Members

President Mark Lennon
Senior Vice President Tara Moriarty
Junior Vice President Mark Boyd
Junior Vice President Deborah O'Neill

Labor State Branches

Australian Labor comprises branches in each State and Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia.

You can become involved in your local State or Territory Branch by using any of the links below. You can also apply to join the NSW branch of the Labor Party here.