Ursula Stephens


A local who understands our community

Ursula has lived in the Goulburn region for more than 25 years. She studied in Goulburn, raised her four children locally and now her five grandkids live here as well. When elected to the Australian Senate, Ursula chose to locate her office here and employ local people. Ursula knows our region well, she will work hard for us and give us the better representation we deserve.

Ursula gets things done

Ursula has a proven record of delivering for our community will not back down when things get tough. In Parliament, Ursula has opposed the Liberals harsh cuts to health, education and worker’s rights. We know Ursula will fight against the Liberal cuts to front-line services and ensure this region is not taken for granted. Ursula has a strong record of fighting for Goulburn to make sure our community comes first.

It’s time for a change

Goulburn has been taken for granted for way too long. Ursula doesn’t accept the argument from the Liberals that what we have is “good enough”. She will fight for our fair share of better health and hospital facilities, improved rail services and increased job security. This election is important for the future of our community and Ursula will be there every step of the way fighting for the change we deserve.

Connect with Ursula

Email: Ursula.Stephens@nswlabor.org.au

Facebook: UrsulaforGoulburn

Twitter: @Ursula4Golburn

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