Stand Against Inaction on Climate Change

Inaction is not an option. 

The Liberal and National parties are full of climate sceptics, deniers, excuses and hidden agendas.

One million fish have died in the Murray-Darling, the Great Barrier Reef is on the brink of irreversible destruction and extreme droughts, fires and floods are ravaging the country, all while power prices continue to soar. 

Yet the Liberals and Nationals continue to clear trees, ignore warnings and take NO action. 

This is the climate election and only Labor has a real plan to tackle climate change, reduce pollution and invest in renewables to protect our environment for future generations.

We will deliver real action on climate change because we know the real cost of what will happen if we don't. 

The time for action is NOW and we will act swiftly and decisively to protect our environment. 

If the Liberals could be trusted on climate change, Malcolm Turnbull would still be the Prime Minister. 

Sign your name now and stand with us against inaction on climate change.

Stand Against Inaction on Climate Change

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