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Khal Asfour


Khal strongly believes that rank and file representation in formulating policy positions is critical to Labor winning back government.  Throughout his time as an elected Councillor and Mayor Khal has developed, formulated and implemented policy to benefit the residents of Canterbury Bankstown.  

Since joining the ALP in 1996 Khal has:

  • Served in executive positions on Greenacre Branch, Bankstown/Lakemba SEC and Watson/Blaxland FEC over 16 years.
  • Since 2004, elected Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Bankstown. In 2017 elected inaugural Mayor of Canterbury Bankstown.
  • Actively worked on every local, state and federal election campaign in that time.
  • Regular USU Delegate to NSW Annual Conference.
  • Secretary of NSW Labor Building Sustainable Communities Committee.
  • Senior Vice President of Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC).
  • Board member of LGNSW.

If elected to the SPF Khal will continue to lead the advocacy on important matters, such as sustainable development and infrastructure support, and work with SPLP and the union movement to give Labor every chance at the next election.

Peter Kim


As a Labor Councillor for Ryde City Council (West Ward), Peter has experience in fighting for the best results in the local community, Peter will take this experience to achieve the best results for local members.

Raising his family in West Ryde has shown Peter the importance of a strong education system. It has solidified his belief that only Labor can deliver a fantastic education for our children.

Through Peter’s work as a doctor in the local community, he has seen firsthand the devastating impact of the Coalition Government on the health system, he will be a strong voice to ensure Labor reaffirms its dedication to reversing the Liberal’s disturbing cuts to the local healthcare system.

Peter is extremely dedicated to local Labor members and more broadly he has strong ties to the local community through his leadership in the Korean Community.

Amanda Keeling


Amanda Keeling is an active ALP member (NSW Labor Candidate, Ku-ring-gai 2019), and Union member. She believes that effective policy is formulated in consultation with subject matter experts, communities, advocates and those with lived experience. With professional experience in communications, engaging communities, policy, advocacy, social change, and campaigning, Amanda is standing to add the voices of our members and communities to policy discussion.

In order to forge a path forward, we need to:

  • listen, to our base, as well as those who are not feeling heard;
  • hear about the inequalities and challenges facing members and the wider public;
  • find the good news stories, to learn what IS working and providing positive outcomes for individuals and communities;
  • include diverse voices and perspectives in policy debate; and
  • create policy that speaks to Labor values and addresses the range of issues facing our varied communities.

Osmond Chiu


Osmond believes fighting inequality, strengthening our democracy and averting catastrophic climate change are interlinked.

Labor cannot address the challenges we face, let alone win elections, by offering a shopping list to the electorate that the Coalition will match. 

For Labor to be successful, NSW Labor needs to be successful. It needs to offer solutions as big as the problems faced that democratise and decarbonise the economy.

He believes we need a NSW Policy Forum that reflects the diversity of NSW and represents the views of rank-and-file members when working with the Shadow Cabinet. Diverse views mean better solutions.

Osmond has worked with unions, MPs, party members and those outside Labor to advocate for more progressive policies. He has:

  • been the Secretary of the Fabian Society;
  • written for Fairfax and the Guardian; and
  • spoken at events for GetUp! and CEDA.

He is asking for your vote for the NSW Policy Forum.

Sabrin Farooqui


Sabrin Farooqui is a member of the “Australia and the World Policy Committee” of NSW Labor.

Sabrin believes we’ll have a stronger and fairer policy if gender equity and diversity is reflected in the policy forum.

Besides working full time, she works with Migrant and Refugee communities through various community organisations promoting disadvantaged women’s development, empowerment and domestic violence intervention, prevention and awareness. Her vision is to facilitate a harmonious, multicultural Australia where all immigrants can be valuable contributors.

She was awarded with ‘Local Woman of the Year’ for Bankstown Electorate on the International Women’s Day 2018 for her contribution to Bankstown and the broader community.​

Sabrin works with Labor for Refugees (L4R) NSW for fair Labor Party policy on refugees and asylum seekers.

Also a delegate of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), she is campaigning to rebuild public sector capacity to have the services that the community deserves.

Anna York


As a young activist, Anna York helped change our Party’s policy platform on the Iraq war, after being involved in the Stop the War protests. Anna knows bold policy positions can be led from our branch and union membership.

Anna cares most about:

  • Taking action on climate change, with just transitions for our local communities - Anna believes our policies need to be bold and creative, built collaboratively with the communities and industries affected;
  • Changing the world through early intervention - Anne believes we let down the most vulnerable parts of our community when we don’t give every child an equally safe, nurturing and nourishing start to life;
  • Building creative, fun and culturally engaged communities, where we actively support all our diversity

Anna works on these issues in her local community as a Labor Councillor on the Inner West Council. She hopes to have your support to contribute her experience and ideas to the NSW Policy Forum.

Annemarie Christie


Annemarie Christie was the Labor Candidate for Riverstone at the 2019 State Election.

She graduated Medicine at UNSW, trained in Western Sydney and founded The Children’s Doctor – the first general practice just for kids in NSW – providing comprehensive health care for children of all ages.

In 2016, elected first female Director of the Castle Hill RSL Group where her role is to advocate for and represent the broader Club membership. In 2018, she was elected Vice President.

Annemarie is currently on:

  • Women’s Advisory Committee of Blacktown City Council
  • Diversity Advisory Committee for Clubs NSW
  • Secretary of NSW Labor Health Policy Committee
  • Coordinator and presenter parenting programs

And has previously volunteered for

  • Community Coach - Max Potential program, assisting young adults in the community to develop personal leadership skills.
  • AFL Auskick Coordinator, growing the program to over 100 participants and promoting health and fitness in the community.

In 2017, Annemarie was awarded NSW Local Woman of the Year, and is married and mother of 4 crazy energetic children.

Charishma Kaliyanda


Charishma believes that we are at an incredibly significant political crossroads in NSW. Another term of a Berejiklian Liberal Government will see the people, communities and organisations that she cares about further disadvantaged.

As an occupational therapist working in the mental sector, she knows first-hand the necessity of having a high-quality public health care system. The Liberal's privatisation and cost cutting agenda, is a threat to the integrity of our health care standards and further stretches our already stretched system. Furthermore, she fundamentally believes that education is the greatest equaliser and in order to have the best state possible.

The Labor Party needs a fresh generation of representatives who will fight to revitalise our social contract with the people of NSW. We need new ideas, new energy and a new strategy to do this.

As a Labor councillor on Liverpool City Council, and Labor candidate for Holsworthy at the recent NSW State Election, She feels that she has a platform to help regenerate the Labor brand. 

Meg Oates


Meg Oates is a:

• Life Member NSW ALP.

• McKell Award recipient.

• Served in executive positions on Campbelltown Branch, Campbelltown SEC and Macarthur FEC over 42 years.

• Actively worked on every local, state and federal election campaign in that time.

• Regular Delegate to NSW Annual Conference.

• Served on Education and Training Policy Committee.

• Currently serving as an elected ALP Councillor on Campbelltown City Council with 32 years continuous experience.

• Union delegate [Teachers Federation] when teaching full time in low SES secondary schools in Sydney South West.

• Currently working part-time in Teacher Recruitment for Education Dept.

• Served on the Board of Trustees for University of Western Sydney for two terms.

• Appointed as a Fellow of Western Sydney University.

• Served on previous NSW Labor Policy Forum.

• Vitally interested in ensuring that grassroots opinions and community concerns are translated into policy.

Faye Westwood

Faye Westwood

Senior Lawyer with expertise in Criminal and Health Law, Artistic Director, Sharkbite Theatre

Member NSW Labor since 2017, Jnr Vice President Mosman Branch, ALT SEC Delegate, North Shore

Faye has worked as a legal officer for NSW Health Legal Branch, and the Health Care Complaints Commission. She worked for ACT Attorney General’s Department on major mental health law reform project. She was nominated for the Justice Medal in 2007, for her advocacy work for people with a gambling addiction.

Her policy interests are:

  • Criminal Law  –  protecting young people at Music Festivals; solving the problem of the drug ‘ice’.
  • Health  –  the ongoing disaster of Northern Beaches Hospital, the Sydney Children’s Hospital crisis, and safety of workers in public hospitals.
  • Homelessness – this needs urgent action.
  • Arts/Music –  currently directing an original Australian musical set on a farm in drought.

Narelle Rich


Narelle Rich works for the United Services Union - USU as an Educator, she previously worked for 18 years in Local Government in both Wellington and Dubbo.

Narelle has spent a number of years on the Education Policy Committee and the Women's Forum and welcomes the opportunity to contribute to our party policy more broadly.

Narelle has held various executive roles in both the Port Macquarie and Warnervale Branches, FEC's and SEC's including President, Secretary, Conference Delegate (National, State and Country).

Narelle was raised in the country, she now lives on the Central Coast and works in Sydney. Narelle travel extensively throughout rural and regional NSW to deliver training, during this time she has had the opportunity to speak with party members and Union members about issues important to them.

Narelle hopes to bring this experience to the role and look forward to working with party members on policy.

Ejaz Khan


Ejaz Khan is a Human Rights Lawyer working in Harris Park for over 18 years. He is also a Life Member of the Punjab Bar Council practicing as an advocate in Pakistan.
Married and father of three children. He joined the Labor Party 15 years ago and has actively participated since.
Ejaz is a: 
  • Member of Labor Social Justice Policy Committee.
  • Former Chairman Sydwest Multicultural Blacktown.
  • Former President of Harris Park Chambers of Commerce.
  • Former Vice President of Subcontinent Friends of Labor.
  • Former President of Pakistan Australia Association.
  • 2006 Admitted as Notary Public in the Society of Public Notaries NSW.
  • 2001 Admitted as a solicitor and Member of the NSW Law Society.
  • Registered as a Migration Agent for 19 years.
  • Life Member of the Punjab Bar Council of Pakistan.
  • Blogger and Columnist for Indo Pak.
  • 2017 President of the Labor Granville Day Branch.

Nuatali Nelmes


As an experienced advocate from the Hunter with a lifelong commitment to social justice, equality and democracy, Nuatali Nelmes is seeking your support to represent Rank-and-File members on the NSW Labor Policy Forum.

Nuatali has been a proud member of the Australian Labor Party for over 20 years.

Coming from the Hunter, Nuatali knows how important good local jobs are for our community and believes we need to continue to support our traditional blue-collar industries while also looking to future opportunities for our next generation of workers.

Our planning system is broken and Labor’s strong environmental legacy is being attacked by the Liberals and Nationals every day.

Nuatali is reenergised by the priorities that have been set by Opposition Leader McKay and her new Shadow Cabinet and is keen to work closely with this new team to help deliver the policies needed for us to win in 2023.

Tom Hore

Tom Hore joined the ALP in 1980 to work on Bill Hayden’s Federal election campaign and has campaigned continuously on Federal, State and Local Government elections since. He is an active member of LEAN and campaigned strongly for sustainability policies in the 2019 elections.

An architect by trade, he studied town planning as a post graduate and more recently adult education as part of his role as a TAFE teacher in Construction. He is an advocate for sustainability in the areas of construction and energy, developing and delivering training solutions.

As the Labor candidate for Drummoyne 2019 Tom learned a number of hard lessons about the need to develop and prosecute policies that reflect Labor values of equity and inclusiveness. Tom brings a unique skillset to the tasks faced by the Policy Forum, across a range of areas including the environment, planning and development, education, healthcare, energy and infrastructure.

Geeth Geeganage


Geeth Geeganage is from Blacktown and believes that policy makes politics.
Geeth strongly believes without good policy the job of convincing the public of a need for a Labor Government becomes near impossible.
Geeth is the President of NSW Young Labor.
Geeth is passionate about economic inequality and social justice, with a specific focus on fighting racial discrimination.
If elected to the State Policy Forum, Geeth would try to bring a fresh and consultative approach to policy development. 

Nur Alislam Joarder

Nur Alislam Joarder has developed a political career since his university studies. Nur has also worked for 7 years as an Executive Director for Nur Network Pty Ltd. Nur lives in Western Sydney with his wife and three children.
Nur is currently the Vice President and Deputy Returning Officer of Chifley FEC and Delegate to Chifley FEC from Rooty Hill.
Nur has been an active member of the ALP for 20 years, volunteering for Local, State and Federal campaigns.
Nur has a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science in Statistics, and a Graduate Diploma in IT from UTS.
As a Statistician, Nur worked as a strategy planner with Ministry of Industry in Bangladesh for more than 12 years, assisting in policies where the Govt is now earning 75% foreign currency.
Developing a strong passion for community improvement, Nur was awarded Muslim Community Leader from Chiefly FEC.

Kyle MacGregor


Kyle MacGregor has been a member of the ALP for almost half his life and is currently the secretary of the Ourimbah Narara Valley branch and the Entrance SEC, delegate to NSW Labor conference, a member of the Organisation Training and Recruitment Committee and the NSW Left Executive. He is a councillor on Central Coast Council and currently works as a teacher having previously held various roles in the labour movement from union organiser and delegate to a SRO for various MPs.

Kyle believes in order for NSW Labor to be elected at the next election we must commit to the following policies:

  • A renewable energy revolution, through building on and expanding the policy framework designed by Adam Searle MLC. A just transition developed in consultation with coal mining and regional communities.
  • Re-engaging with small business through promoting co-operatives, smart manufacturing and high quality profitable small businesses.
  • Regional development, through a concerted decentralisation agenda and regional stimulus programmes administered by local councils in conjunction with wage increases for public sector industries (such as health and education) to stimulate local economies and generate economic growth across our state.

George Barcha


George joined the Labor movement in 1994 while completing an Engineering degree at the University of Wollongong. He’s been an active Labor member for over 25 years.

Having served as a Deputy Mayor on local Council and as a staffer to State and Federal Parliamentarians, he’s been fortunate to have worked on campaigns through all levels of government, during the good times and the bad.

Despite Labor’s rough run over the past decade, George remains dedicated to the Labor movement and believes the real solution moving forward is to incept real change in our policies and platform to reflect the grassroots Labor values.

Having served on the inaugural NSW Policy Forum, George has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure the appropriate reform is carried out which reflects the needs and expectations of today’s modern Australians to secure a Labor Government in 2023 and beyond. A vote for George will put Labor back on track.