Simonne Pengelly

Simonne Pengelly joined the Australian Labor Party in 2004, and since that time has been an active member in her local Newcastle area. She has served in a variety of roles within the Party, and is currently the Assistant Secretary of the Wickham Branch, Delegate to the Newcastle SEC and Newcastle FEC, Member of the Economics Policy Committee and Member of the NSW Administrative Committee.

Simonne was previously elected as a Delegate to the State ALP Conference, as a Delegate to the National ALP Conference and as a member of the NSW ALP Conference Policy and Agenda Committee.

Outside the ALP, Simonne served as the City Campus Representative - University of Newcastle Post Graduate Students Association (NUPSA) and the Student Representative - University of Newcastle Business School Board.

Simonne was previously employed in the offices of two Federal Members of Parliament – Sharon Grierson MP and Sharon Claydon MP.

Simonne has a background in business and holds an MBA from the University of Newcastle. She is currently working as a consultant and advisor with Hicksons Lawyers.

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