Save Yarra Bay: Stop the Liberals' cruise ship terminal

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The NSW Liberals have designated Yarra Bay as the future site of a massive passenger cruise ship terminal after the former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull personally intervened to rule out Garden Island as an option for a future site in Sydney.

As a result of this intervention the NSW Liberals have confirmed that they will proceed with plans for a terminal at Yarra Bay.

Yarra Bay is one of the last remaining beaches on the northern side of Botany Bay after many years of development has transformed the area.

A passenger cruise ship terminal would mean:

- Massive congestion on local streets with thousands of additional truck and car movements each and every week;

- The concreting of Yarra Bay to provide space for a new terminal;

- The potential dredging of the area to accommodate large international cruise ships;

- Pressures to commercialise precious open-space; and

- Further destruction of the environment and loss of beach.

We the undersigned oppose the Liberals’ plans for a massive cruise ship terminal in Yarra Bay.