In just six years the Liberals and Nationals have gutted TAFE right across NSW. Since their election more than 5,700 staff have been sacked and right now there are 175,000 fewer students in the TAFE system than in 2012. Course fees have gone through the roof and TAFE colleges from all corners of NSW are facing closure.

Enough is enough. We need your help to save TAFE in NSW.

TAFE must continue to be there for working families right across the state, not just today, but into the future. That’s why Labor is promising to rebuild the TAFE system. 

A Labor government will guarantee at least 70% of vocational education and training funding for TAFE and investigate the dodgy private training providers that are ripping off young students.

We’re launching our petition to save TAFE, and need you on our side. If you believe that TAFE should be well funded, accessible to working families, and protected into the future, sign our petition now.


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