Repeal anti-protest laws

Repeal anti-protest laws

A NSW Labor Government will repeal the Liberal’s extreme mining anti-protest laws within 100 days of taking office.

The new laws brought in in March 2016 prevent legitimate, peaceful protest by law-abiding members of the community.

They strike at the heart of our democracy and limit the rights of a person to;

  • Peacefully protest
  • Hold Government to account
  • Promote progressive social change

These laws expose community groups like the Knitting Nannas or Lock the Gate to jail for up to seven years for acting to protect their land, water and food security.

The laws grant police new powers to search and seize people without warrants and to fine people for trespassing on miner’s land up to $5,500

Labor fought the introduction of these every step of the way and even took the extraordinary step of lodging a Protest to the Governor.

“I will repeal the Liberal Government’s undemocratic anti-protest laws within 100 days of the election of a NSW Labor Government.”

A Labor Government will not see citizens' rights infringed for taking part in a vibrant democracy.