Provide more parking for commuters in South Western Sydney

A Foley Labor Government will invest $18 million in a multi-storey car park at Edmondson Park train station.

South-western Sydney residents have been campaigning for increased commuter parking at Edmondson Park for over two years – but the Berejiklian Government has done nothing to address the lack of available parking spaces for commuters.

The current carpark at Edmondson Park is often full by the morning peak, adding extra stress on commuters who just want to get to work on time.

Labor understands the needs of hard-working families in south-western Sydney, just as it understands the urgent need for improved commuter car parking and better infrastructure, particularly in growth suburbs such as Edmondson Park.

Residents in our community deserve the infrastructure they need to get to work without risking parking fines or worse.

A multi-storey carpark will ease the burden for commuters trying to find a parking space in peak hour, and will also allow for future growth in a rapidly developing area.