Protect Our Penalty Rates

People that rely on penalty rates rely on this money to pay the bills and to raise their children.

A devastating decision has been made that will see a cut to the penalty rates for hospitality, retail and fast food workers. 

Make no mistake, the only reason this decision was made is because Scott Morrison and his Government have been campaigning for penalty rates to be cut. They wear the blame for this decision.

Labor does not support this incredibly disappointing decision and we will continue to defend the lowest paid workers in this country.

We are greatly concerned about who else will have their penalty rates attacked. Will nurses or emergency workers be next?

We need to stand together and protect those in our community who will be badly impacted by this penalty rate cut.

Can you sign and tell Scott Morrison to stand up for workers for once in his life? 

Tell Morrison to join with Labor to protect the wages and conditions of the lowest paid workers.

Protect Our Penalty Rates

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