Policy Forum

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The NSW Labor Policy Forum is one of the vehicles party members, affiliated unions and Labor MPs have to shape the policy direction of the NSW Branch.

It is unique in that it brings together directly elected rank and file members of the party, representatives of the union movement and the NSW Labor Shadow Cabinet in the one forum, ensuring all elements of the broad labour movement contribute to our policy processes.

The Policy Forum was established in 2011 to provide a new avenue for policy engagement. It was intended that each Policy Forum would serve a term of 4 years, equivalent to each term of the NSW Parliament.

Following the 2019 State Election, it is necessary to re-elect the NSW Labor Policy Forum to continue its role in the policy development process.


Election of Rank and File Policy Forum members

The rank-and-file component of the Forum are elected by a ballot of all Party members with one year of continuous financial membership prior to the date of calling of nominations.

The election of sixteen (16) rank and file members of the NSW Labor State Policy Forum will include:

  • 11 representing metropolitan and major regional NSW (5 women)
  • 5 representing country and rural NSW (2 women)