No to forced council mergers

Labor believes that decisions regarding council mergers and demergers must be made by the affected local communities.

We does not support forced mergers, nor forced demergers.

Instead, we will provide a democratic opportunity for all communities to vote on demerging.

The next Labor Government will allow local communities to determine their future.

Labor consistently opposed the Liberals and Nationals sacking democratically elected mayors and councillors, and forcing council mergers on communities that did not want them.

The Liberals and Nationals pretended that forced mergers were about efficiency and cost-savings, but the truth is that the motivation was cynically political.

The decision to impose council mergers was characterised by arrogance and a determination to ignore local communities.

For council areas affected by forced mergers in 2016, where the majority of electors of any former council wish to return to its previous non-merged boundaries, a NSW Labor Government will legislate a voluntary process to enable them to do so.

If the Berejiklian Government is re-elected there is a real chance that they will bring back forced mergers. Before the last election both now Premier Berejiklian and Deputy Premier Barilaro both publicly promised that there would be no forced mergers – then afterwards the NSW Liberal-National Government imposed forced mergers!