Nick Lalich

Cabramatta_NickLalich_Background.jpgElected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly in October 2008, Nick Lalich was the Mayor of Fairfield City Council, and a Councillor since 1987.

Nick has achieved a lot for the local community.

As the local Mayor he has worked hard to revitalize our town centres and improve community facilities so that our area can continue to thrive and grow.

He is proud of the $4 million we have spent in upgrading local parks and playgrounds and the building of the brand new leisure centre in Cabravale. He is committed to building on those achievements locally.

Like many families in the Cabramatta area, Nick immigrated to Australia from Yugoslavia with his family after WWII. Before entering politics Mr Lalich was an electrician and builder and worked for Prospect Electricity.

Today, Nick lives in Bonnyrigg, which he has done for the past thirty five years with his wife and two children.

Having lived here for over 35 years, he understands what residents and businesses in this area really want from their elected representatives.

Nick Lalich loves this area and will work hard to ensure local families have improved access to the services they need.

He knows that families want better health services, better schools and better public transport - because that’s what he wants. He is committed to working together to improve these services, making our area a great place to live.

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Member for Cabramatta

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Phone: (02) 9724 3381

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