Michael Forshaw

Michael Forshaw is a Life Member of the Australian Labor Party. He joined the Party in 1967 and has served in a wide variety of elected and voluntary positions. In the 2016 Local Government elections, he stood for and was elected to represent the ALP on Sutherland Shire Council.

Michael Forshaw was an ALP Senator for New South Wales for 17 years (1994-2011), and prior to that he served the Australian Workers Union (AWU) over an 18-year period, including as its General Secretary between 1991 and 1994. In 1985 he was admitted to the Bar.

Within the Party Michael has served as the National Returning Officer, Chair of the NSW ALP International Relations Policy Committee and is a member of the ALP International Party Development Committee (IPDC). In addition to being a member of the NSW Administrative Committee, Michael is also a member of the NSW ALP Finance and Compliance Committee.

He is a member of the University of NSW’s Canberra Advisory Council (ADFA) and a member of ShireBiz. He is also currently the Chair of Chifley Financial Services Pty Ltd. 

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