Crack down on dodgy training providers

Labor will crack down on dodgy training providers in the vocational education sector who are awarded tax payer’s money and prey on young people trying to get ahead.

Since the Liberals and Nationals came to office, dodgy training providers have flourished in an environment where money is being stripped away from TAFE.

Many of these providers have gone bust leaving hundreds and thousands of students with no qualification and significant debt.

Under the Liberals and Nationals, Funds have been transferred from TAFE to private providers – many of whom have acted unscrupulously with hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payers’ money wasted.

Labor will move immediately to establish a Private Providers Investigations Unit and ensure that only the most reputable training providers can operate in NSW.

The unit will investigate dodgy training providers who are rorting the system and stopping young people from getting the skills they need to get ahead.

We will target the shonks and restore confidence and stability to the sector.

Labor will always be the party that stands up for TAFE.