Building more schools in NSW

Eight years of neglect has led to an overcrowding crisis in our schools. By 2031 there are expected to be 170,000 additional students in NSW public schools and we will need more than 7,000 additional classrooms.

One third of our schools are operating at or above 100 per cent capacity. There are 4,665 demountable classrooms in NSW public schools – meaning 100,000 of our school children are taught in them daily. And our schools have a huge maintenance backlog of more than half a billion dollars.

When Labor was last in office we built and opened an average of over five new schools per year. The Coalition Government has built and opened an average of two new schools per year.   

A Labor Government will drive an unprecedented schools building program.

A Labor Government will conduct an immediate audit of all government land to identify priority sites for building new schools.

The Greater Sydney Commission will have the power to use surplus Government land from other departments and agencies to build and expand government schools;

We need more schools and we need them across all sectors – government, Catholic and independent.

That’s why under a Labor Government, Catholic and independent schools will no longer be forced to pay exorbitant local infrastructure charges when building new schools.  A Labor government will engage with independent and Catholic schools from the very beginning of the land rezoning process, in order to deliver new schools where they are needed.

Labor will also ensure every new school built provides childcare or before and after school care facilities on site. New schools will be designed as multi-purpose, modern education precincts - ensuring our schools are not left as vacant buildings when not in use.