Kristina Keneally

Senator for NSW

Chris Hayes

Born to an Australian mother and an American father, Kristina grew up in the United States, where she completed her secondary and tertiary education.

Kristina moved permanently to Australia in 1994.

A Member of the Parliament of New South Wales from 2003–12, Kristina is the 42nd Premier of New South Wales (2009–11) and the first woman to hold the office.

In 2014 she joined Sky News Australia, where she co-hosted the daily lunchtime show “To the Point” and was a regular contributor to Sky’s coverage of major events such as the USA election. She was part of the Sky News team that won a Walkley Award and a Logie for its live coverage of the Australian federal election in 2016.

Ms Keneally has served on a range of benevolent boards and charities and is the former Patron of Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Dayton in Ohio.  She has published many articles in academic and popular publications on religion, politics and feminism.

Kristina is married to Ben.  They are the parents of Daniel, Caroline and Brendan.

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