Jodi McKay

The recent ICAC inquiry into illegal political donations, which saw 10 Liberal politicians resign from Parliament or the Liberal Party, also discovered that one person was willing to stand up for her principles, whatever the cost.

Jodi McKay was the Member for Newcastle who narrowly lost her seat in 2011 when her opponents sought to secretly influence the outcome of the election.

Jodi refused political bribes from developers. Her refusal to play their game came at a huge price for Jodi personally and professionally.

Jodi thought she had left public life behind until the sensational ICAC inquiry.

She realised that the only way to achieve change in politics is to stand up and be counted. This passion for real change has convinced her to stand again for her community as the Labor Party candidate for Strathfield.

The Strathfield area is Jodi’s home. After leaving Newcastle, she settled in the Inner West where her husband has lived for 16 years. During that time she worked for a local not-for-profit health service.

Jodi has the experience, passion and integrity to help steer a new way for how politics is done in NSW.

Strathfield is a dynamic and diverse community, which needs fresh and committed leadership to re-engage the community and fight for what’s right.

NSW needs more representatives like Jodi McKay.

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