Jennifer Jary


Manly_JenniferJary_Background.jpgJennifer Jary is NSW Labor's candidate for Manly in the 2015 State Election.

My connection with Manly began when I was born. My grandmother worked as a primary school teacher at Harbord public school. My father joined the air force to get his training and education, so I was actually born in Melbourne. Childhood was spent between Manly and Woomera (in outback South Australia), Canberra, Elizabeth on the outskirts of Adelaide, Geelong, and finally Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Thefederal Labor government under Gough Whitlam had removed university fees by the time I was 17 so I went to university. I hold now a doctorate of philosophy in modern Asian Studies, and have lived and worked in China and London.

I have worked for pay in the public sector, in private enterprise and in universities. It is a myth that private enterprise delivers services more efficiently and effectively than the public sector.

Since becoming a parent I have worked without pay for thousands of hours like the other parents and grandparents in our community. Whilst my son attended the local primary school in Manly I also served on the School Council and the P&C.

Good federal, state and local public services are necessary to all of us. When you have children or get older and develop medical conditions, the reliance on these services becomes critical. Access

to local public schools, to local public hospital and health services,reliable public transport and decent bicycle track networks must be maintained and improved.

Private leasing of public spaces, like the Manly wharf precinct, restricts the access of local members of the public who are going about their daily business rushing to catch ferries or buses.

I disagree fundamentally with the focus of the current Coalition government on billion dollar private investment to create a “world class” privately run hospital on the Northern Beaches. Public hospital and public health services should remain in public hands.

In Manly over the past decade I have participated in local council committees and on NSW government committees. Currently I sit on the Manly Independent Assessment Panel when called upon as a community member.

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