James Shaw

Parramatta_JamesShaw_Background.jpg A local who understands our community

James is a local who understand the needs of our area and celebrates our great diversity. Living locally with his wife Alison, James is committed to getting a better deal for our community.

Working hard for us

As our local councillor, James has delivered for us. Fighting against overdevelopment and the destruction of our local heritage, James has always fought for what’s best for locals and their families. Additionally, James is committed to ensuring all local residents, particularly the elderly, disabled and young children, are safe on our footpaths and has pushed for upgrades.

Standing up for Western Sydney

James has seen how the Liberals have taken our area for granted. Cutting essential services, closing down our local fire station, introducing a new toll on the M4 and short sighted cuts to TAFE, a lifeline for so many of our young people. With your support, James can stand up for our community.

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