Invest in cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy

Deliver cheaper, cleaner renewable energy for our future

Skyrocketing power prices and climate change deserve serious answers, and a serious plan.

Labor has offered to work on a bi-partisan position on energy, but the Liberals and Nationals are so divided they can’t agree on a policy amongst themselves.

We need to take back control of our energy future. Labor will take real action on climate change and deliver cheaper, cleaner power.

✅ Invest in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy – deliver 50 per cent renewables by 2030.
⚡️ End the power privatisation mess – keep Snowy Hydro in public hands, and put an end to incentives for states to privatise    their electricity assets.
💡 Better regulate power prices – with a new regulated capped offer protecting families and small business from price gouging by big energy companies.
👊 Stronger gas export controls – to keep Australian energy prices down and protect local manufacturing jobs.
☀️ Future proof our energy network – by supporting new battery-storage, transmission lines, gas pipelines and dams.
🍃 Support a just transition to renewables – helping workers and communities as ageing coal plants close and are replaced with cheaper, cleaner renewables.
💪 Empower businesses and communities – with support to access renewable energy and cut energy waste.

Invest in cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy

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