Guaranteeing TAFE funding into the future

Labor is the party that built TAFE and will always ensure that the public vocational education provider comes first.

While private providers play a role in skills training, the vital role TAFE plays must be protected.

Since the introduction of the contestable funding model Smart and Skilled, dodgy training companies have thrived – taking tax payer’s money to set up bogus companies that rip students off. This system has seen the collapse of a number of VET providers, including Aspire College of Education, Evocca College and the Australian Careers Network.  Thousands of students enrolled in dozens of campuses owned by these providers across NSW have been left high and dry.

Under this system, TAFE is competing with the dodgy private sector for its funding.

Labor will always be the party that stands up for TAFE

The Liberals and Nationals have gutted funding to TAFE which has seen a catastrophic decline in enrolments, thousands of teachers sacked and an increase in course fees.

Labor’s guarantee will cap contestable public funding for private education providers at a maximum of 30 per cent – ensuring that only the most reputable providers can be funded. Funding must be redirected to this once world class institution so young people can get the skills they need for jobs in the future. TAFE will be front and centre in a NSW Labor Government.