Gloria Nicol



Gloria Nicol is the Labor Candidate for the seat of Vaucluse for the March 2015 state election.

Knows our community

As a young woman, Gloria lived in the Bondi community where her parents met and married during WWII. Years later she brought her young children to North Bondi for Nippers during summers. When a sea change called, Gloria and her husband Warren again found a home in Bondi.

A sustainable future

A small business owner, Gloria is committed to seeing local communities thrive. Living between one of the most beautiful coastlines and harbour in the world, Gloria believes that our environment and heritage must be protected. A long-time supporter of action on climate change and opponent of over development, Gloria will ensure that our community retains its pristine environment without losing its character.

A strong voice for Vaucluse

As our city continues to grow, we need a strong voice to represent our community and make sure local services keep pace. Gloria will fight against the Liberals’ cuts to education, hospitals and emergency services, and make sure our community gets our fair share of roads and transport funding.


How to Vote

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