Extend the Banking Royal Commission

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If you steal from a bank, you go to jail, but if a bank steals from you, they get a promotion and a bonus and a big car.

The banking royal commission has highlighted an insidious culture of greed over decency permeating the big banks, and has revealed several instances of regulators being far too soft on bad behaviour.

However, just 27 people have testified to the inquiry, despite 9300 having made written submissions.

This is not good enough. 

The banking royal commission needs to be extended in order to hear from more victims in more places.

Further, the hearings have only been held in three capital cities, meaning that regional and rural customers have not had a sufficient chance to have their say.

Will you stand with us and call on the Liberal National Government to extend the banking royal commission?

Misconduct in the financial services sector is a national issue – and Australians across the country deserve their chance to be heard.