End No Grounds Evictions

Almost a third of all homes in NSW are rental properties. 

As more and more people get shut out of buying a home, renting a home becomes a more permanent lifestyle. The latest census shows that in the 25-34 age bracket, home ownership has dropped from 66% in the 1980’s to just 39% in 2014.

That's why Labor will end no grounds evictions for renters.

This is the cornerstone of fair, balanced and stable rental market underpinned by mutual rights and responsibilities.

Right now, a landlord can evict a tenant without giving a reason. This has been used as a trump card by landlords to kick out tenants who request basic repairs.

Under Labor’s plan, a landlord will need to provide a reason to terminate a tenancy.

We will work with industry stakeholders to come up with a set of reasonable grounds for eviction, such as the tenant being in breach of their tenancy agreement, the need for the landlord or family members to move into the premises, significant renovations, or the landlord's intention to sell. the property.

If there are no reasonable grounds - a tenant will be safe from eviction.