Edwina Lloyd

Edwina Lloyd is Labor's candidate for Sydney in the 2015 State Election.

About Edwina

Edwina "Eddie" Lloyd is Sydney-based criminal defence lawyer, and mother to a 1-year old boy called Ryder.

After growing up in modest circumstances in regional Queensland and NSW, Eddie has lived her entire adult life in inner-city Sydney. As the daughter of an artist in a single-parent household, Eddie knows how to find creative solutions to everyday problems.

After years working in the hospitality industry and as a photographer, Eddie had a second crack at University as a mature age law student. She graduated with honours and became a qualified solicitor. In her very first case, Eddie found herself defending a young Indonesian boy falsely accused of being a people smuggler, and was thrust into the middle of a national political and media storm. Eddie went on to defend another eight Indonesian fishermen who had unwittingly become caught up in the people smuggling trade. She travelled to remote parts of Indonesia three times to research her client's cases, and became a passionate advocate for human rights and fairness in our justice system.

Today Eddie fights to help people who have fallen through the cracks of our society. She believes in giving people a second chance, and in building a stronger social safety net that catches people before they fall. She fights for the rights of public housing tenants, advocates for more affordable and accessible childcare, defends our public spaces and urban heritage, and argues for a progressive approach to law reform that tackles recidivism.

Contact Edwina

Facebook: Edwina Lloyd

Website: www.edwinalloyd.com

Twitter: @Urban_Eddie

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