Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron

Senator for New South Wales

Shadow Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships
Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness 

Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron was born in Bellshill in Scotland, in 1951. He is married to Elaine and has two daughters, Lynn and Fiona and two grandchildren, Amy and Scott.

Doug has worked as a fitter in the steel, ship repair, vehicle and power industries. He was elected by manufacturing workers to represent them in various positions in the union including Delegate, full-time organiser, Assistant State Secretary, Assistant National Secretary, National Secretary AMWU, State and National Secretary Metal Trades Federation of Unions, Vice President ACTU.

Doug Cameron has been a long-term patron of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation, a Director of Australian Super, and under the Keating government was a member of the Australian Best Practice Committee. As a director of Australian Super and its predecessor STA he has worked with union and employer representatives to build Australian Super into a 1.3 million members fund with 100,000 employers and $28 billion under management. Australian Super was named "fund of the year" in 2007.

Doug Cameron has played a key role in developing industrial and political strategies designed to improve employment security, wages, and skill and industry development in the manufacturing industry. He has been at the centre of ACTU and AMWU campaigns on workers entitlements, health and safety, work and family balance and the right to collectively bargain.

Doug was elected to the Senate at the 2007 federal election, and took up his position on July 1 2008. He lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and runs his electorate office in Springwood -- offering Labor representation to the people of the federal electorate of Macquarie.

Much of Doug's work in the Senate is focused on the Senate Committees, which analyse government process and expenditure. He is the Chair of the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee.

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