Disability Advocates Welcome Support

From July 2018, around 50 disability advocacy services, information providers and peak representational organisations face losing their NSW Government funding.

These organisations, including the Deaf Society of NSW, NSW Council for Intellectual Disability, Carers NSW and Vision Australia, face losing all financial support from the NSW Government.

If elected in 2019 we will ensure funding

These disability advocacy services support the social, economic, and physical wellbeing of people living with disabilities.

The Berejiklian Government is spending billions knocking down and rebuilding stadiums, but can’t find the money to continue support for disability advocacy organisations.

This Government’s record in disability services is only more cuts and privatisation.

Labor knows the real value of supporting people with a disability.

Standing up for others is what it means to be Labor. Whether it is the Keating Government introducing the first national disability anti-discrimination laws or the Gillard Government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme, Labor leads the way in ensuring all Australians have the best opportunity to succeed in life. 

That's why an elected NSW Labor government will restore disability advocacy funding.