Welcome to the afternoon session of the 2020 NSW Online Convention 

Session 1  11:30AM to 12:30PM 

Join us for the first of two afternoon sessions focusing on the future of the NSW economy, our state's education system, and create secure jobs in aged care, disability, and early learning

Join the "Future of Work" Panel            

What is the future of work and how should labor shape the new economy


Daniel Mookhey


Vanessa Seagrove
(Unions NSW)

Courtney Houssos
(Member for the Legislative Council)

Senator Tony Sheldon

Adam Searle
(Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations)







Join the "Future of Education" Panel             

Are we giving our kids the education to deal with the challenges they will face in the post-pandemic world. Coving TAFE, universities, and schools?


Prue Car


Angelo Gravelatis (NSW Teachers Federation)

Tanya Plibersek MP ( Shadow Minister for Education and Training)

Grace Lagan (Student)







Join the "Caring Economy" Panel

Investing in caring jobs in aged care, disability, and early learning to create secure jobs and support those in need


Emma McBride


Lauren Hutchins

Emma Dawson (Executive Director at Per Capita)

Ryan Park MP (Shadow Health Minister)


Session 2  12:30AM to 1:30PM 

Join us for the final of two afternoon sessions focusing on the relationship between cities and suburbs, developing regional NSW, and the Night-Time economy

Join the "Making Sydney Work for Everyone" Panel


How has the lockdown changed our relationship with local suburbs


Chris Minns


Eamon Waterford

Trish Doyle(Member for Blue Mountains)

Toby Warnes (RTBU)








Join the "Regional NSW" Panel


What policy settings can help the regions grow and prosper into the future


David Harris


Kristy McBain (Member for Eden-Monaro)

Tara Moriarty (Member of the Legislative)

Marion Browne








Join the "Night Time Economy" Panel


How can NSW Labor kickstart the night-time economy and help the hospitality and entertainment industry rebuild


  John Graham


Dean Ormston (APRA AMCOS)

Sophie Payten (Gordi)

Mel Gatfield (UWU)