Cheaper Public Transport to Sydney Airport

Public transport to Sydney Airport is a real problem.

With just 20% of passengers arriving or departing by public transport, the roads to the airport are gridlocked with private cars, taxis and rideshare vehicles.

There is only one bus service, the Bondi Junction-to-Burwood 400 route.

And the high cost of travelling to Sydney Airport by train deters passengers from catching the train.

The station access fee, paid to the private Airport Link Company (ACL), increases the cost of a train trip to Sydney Airport and discourages passengers from using public transport. The station access fee is $14.30 for adults and $12.80 for concession passengers.

Workers and passengers going to Australia’s busiest airport shouldn’t be unfairly slugged for using public transport.

Labor will slash the airport station access fee to $5 for regular passengers and abolish it altogether for the 29,000 people who work at Sydney Airport. This would level the playing field for workers employed in the aviation and airport industries and see them pay only the standard Opal fares for their daily commute.

Labor would also introduce additional bus services to the airport, with the first being a new route from Sutherland to the airport – something promised by the Liberals in 2012 but yet to be delivered.

These measures will restore fairness for passengers and workers, promote the use of public transport services and help relieve the chronic congestion on the roads around Sydney Airport.