Build a new Masters & Springhill Road Interchange

As part of Labor’s plan to connect the Illawarra to south-west Sydney, it will commit to the construction of a new Masters & Springhill Roads Interchange.

Thousands of vehicles use Masters and Springhill Roads every day as workers travel to work in the Wollongong CBD, access the Port of Port Kembla, BlueScope Steel and leave for home at the end of the day.

One of the growing frustrations of motorists using these key roads is the congestion in the morning and afternoon peak periods due to the existing intersection. Masters and Springhill Roads are also the site of many car and heavy vehicle accidents.

In November 2013, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) established new red light cameras at the intersection. 

In 2015 alone, these red light cameras were among the highest revenue collectors for the Government in the Illawarra amounting to $417,490 in infringement penalties for motorists.

A Foley Labor Government will build a new Masters & Springhill Road Interchange eliminating the current intersection ensuring a free continuous flow of traffic movement throughout the day.