An Independent Parliamentary Budget Office

In 2010, the Labor Government established a full-time Parliamentary Budget Office to assist all political parties in developing policy ideas between elections and to assess the impact of those policies on the state’s Budget.

In 2013, the O’Farrell Government scrapped the full-time Parliamentary Budget Office by amending the legislation so that it only operated once every four years a few months before an election.

This is all about transparency, honesty and fiscal responsibility. The community has every right to know how much an election policy will cost and what impact it will have on the overall budget

The public has a right to know that election policies are viable and fiscally responsible. The establishment of a permanent Parliamentary Budget Officer will ensure that policies, initiatives and programs from both major parties will be independently costed and made publicly available.

Labor’s plan will restore confidence within the community that budgets are properly scrutinised and will also help prevent massive cost blowouts on projects such as WestConnex and the CBD and South East Light Rail.

By recommitting to a permanent Parliamentary Budget Office, Labor is leading the way on transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility when it comes to election promises and policy proposals.