A Secure and Sustainable Steel Jobs Plan

Only Labor understands that steel is as much a part of the Illawarra’s future as it has been its history. The NSW State Government has a crucial role to play in the future of our steel and manufacturing industries.

As part of Labor’s Secure and Sustainable Steel Jobs Plan, a State Labor Government will ensure that all public infrastructure projects will be required to use a minimum 90% Australian made steel that meets Australian standards and certification.

The facts speak for themselves: for every $1 million of local manufacturing output gained or retained here in NSW;

  • 6 full-time jobs are retained,
  • $22, 300 of tax revenue is generated and,
  • $64,900 worth of welfare benefits are saved.

The threat of closing the steel industry in the Illawarra in 2015 would have cost up to 10,000 jobs and wiped out $3 billion of value from the region’s economy.

Our commitment to building infrastructure right across the state will provide continued significant economic benefit to the Illawarra region.

Additionally we will establish a NSW Steel Industry Advocate to be based in the Illawarra to ensure steel standards are complied with and amend the State’s procurement policy to assess ‘whole of life’ calculations for public infrastructure, including cost of transport; insurance; assembly; maintenance costs; environmental impacts; supply chain activity; employment; and regional development objectives.

Only Labor will give priority to assessing the long life of Australian-made steel use in infrastructure projects rather than just focusing on price.

A  Foley Labor Government will use the region’s steel industry as a strong foundation for future economic growth for the Illawarra.

Continuing to support the production of steel in the Illawarra allows the industry to pursue new product markets such as in renewable energy which will help support our efforts to address the impact of climate change.