10 days paid domestic violence leave

Every employee in every workplace will be able to take ten days (non-accumulative) paid domestic violence leave each year.

Access to paid domestic violence leave allows victims the time to talk to police, attend court appearances, seek legal advice and find a place to live; while maintaining financial security for themselves and their children at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Victims of domestic violence often still have to worry about the welfare of children, find a place to live, talk to police and hold down their jobs. This is an important measure to help – and the whole community needs to be involved.

Domestic violence is a systematic issue involving a range of social, cultural and economic factors that must be addressed in workplaces. 

Under the Fair Work Act, it is left to the States to legislate leave rights for victims of crime, including domestic and family violence. Legislating this right to 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave for all NSW employees in both the private and public sectors will ensure that this important right will be accessible to all those who need it in NSW.

It will offer those who have experienced domestic or family violence more support in the workplace.