Are you ready to step up?

We’ve all heard too much about big business distorting our politics. Let’s say no more and make this a people powered election. One where our passion and our purpose set the agenda for our government. One where our local schools, hospitals and communities come first.

But we can’t do this without you. NSW Labor is only as strong and reliable as our volunteers. We're built by those who are willing to lend their time and their talents to keep changing our state for the better.

This could be as easy as flyering your neighbourhood, or chatting with neighbours over the back fence.

Add your name on the right to join other locals in bringing our communities together and help us shape the direction of next years campaign.

We saw in Victoria the power of a truly people-focused campaign. It embraced the energy of the many over the resources of a few. This energy - directed towards a goal - reshaped the Victorian political landscape.

 Be a part of a movement like that - volunteer today.

Will you volunteer?

Ways you can help

There are numerous things you can do to get involved. They Include:

Door Knocking

Phone Banks

Letter Box Drops

Candidate Stalls

Admin Tasks

Data Entry