This week, thousands of students across NSW are starting school in ageing, second-rate demountables - with new figures revealing thousands of demountables are being used as permanent classrooms in our schools.

According to figures acquired under Freedom of Information requests, about 1,250 demountables have been in the same school for over 10 years. Many have been left on site for decades, with some for as long as 37 years.

These demountables are meant to be temporary - not left as permanent fixtures as they have been under the Liberal Government.

That's why Luke Foley and NSW Labor have announced a $100 million pledge to replace demountables with permanent classrooms, starting with the schools with the oldest and highest number of demountables, so our students get access to the world-class facilities they deserve. 

With so many demountables left for so long in our schools - we know that many of you will have a demountable story. Tell us how long a demountable has been in your school, what it was like learning in one and whether or not you think it's time they were replaced.

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