Tim Crakanthorp


Tim Crakanthorp The Labor member for Newcastle.

Committed to a healthy, vibrant & smart future

Tim and his wife Lara are raising their four children in Newcastle. He currently serves on Newcastle City Council and is a member of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Board. Tim is passionate about a great future for Newcastle and ensuring that all our children grow up in the healthy, vibrant and smart City we deserve.

A local who believes it is ‘Our Town, Our Choice’

Tim believes Newcastle’s future should be shaped by the people who live here, not dictated by Sydney. Tim has been a tireless advocate for Newcastle gaining our fair share of state-funding and for locals being consulted and having a say in how it is spent - after all, it is Our Town and it should be Our Choice.

Tim is fighting for Newcastle

Tim will stand up for our hospitals and fight against Liberal health cuts. He will fight for Hunter TAFE, its students, teachers and as a vital access to education. He will support local innovative manufacturing, the jobs it produces and the economic diversity it brings. Tim will always fight for Newcastle.

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Facebook: fightingforNewcastle

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