Our Values

Being part of NSW Labor means that you are part of a movement that is dedicated to keeping Australia fair. Sharing our commitment to Labor values means working together to make sure that the benefits of rising prosperity are shared fairly and underwrite a better and fairer future for the next generation.

Prosperity starts with good jobs and services and Labor has fought for more than a hundred years to ensure everyone can get a job, and that the essential health and education services are accessible.

Through the Global Financial Crisis, Labor created job ready programs to help to keep our country working.  NSW under Labor weathered the unemployment crisis that was experienced overseas and built new infrastructure for children and families around the state.

Labor is the party that introduced free public health services and built Medicare. Labor also introduced aged pensions and the social safety net. Labor is the party for the many – not just the privileged or lucky few. 


Opportunity starts with a great education. Labor in government has always lifted investment in our schools and our literacy and numeracy rates are among the highest in the world. 

NSW Labor introduced Reading Recovery support and early testing to ensure we provide the best learning environment. We have taken action against bullying and made the study of Australian history compulsory so children understand how the experience of the ANZACs, and our progression from colony to country, shaped Australian values.


Labor under Gough Whitlam introduced free health care in the form of Medibank. This was subsequently destroyed by the Fraser government who reverted to private health. Under Hawke, Labor reinstated free health care known as Medicare, which continues to this day, to be the world’s best, affordable medical care.

In NSW, Labor has grown the funding for health by billions of dollars and re-built most of the major hospitals. NSW Labor governments have continued to provide public dental care for the most disadvantaged as well. We remain committed to keeping health care accessible for all.


Labor knows the fragile and diverse nature of our natural environment and is committed to its protection.

That’s why NSW Labor has created more national parks than any previous government and it’s why we’re committed to protecting Marine Parks, something the Liberals and Nationals have opposed. We have reduced logging in NSW and supported a transition from old growth to sustainable plantations while helping workers to transition into sustainable industry as well.  

NSW Labor is committed to tackling climate change. We introduced the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme – the first carbon abatement scheme in the world – and we are working with the commonwealth to support a transition to a carbon constrained economy.

Basic Principles of NSW Labor

You can read more about the values of NSW Labor by downloading the Basic Principles as endorsed at the last Annual Conference.


Help us fight for a stronger and fairer NSW.