Noreen Hay

Wollongong_NoreenHay_Background.jpgNoreen has been the State Member for Wollongong since 2003.

She has lived in the Wollongong area for 26 years and is married with four adult children and five grandchildren.

Prior to being the State MP, Noreen was a union organiser and regional secretary for the LHMWU miscellaneous division for 13 years representing the blue collar industry predominantly women from non-English speaking backgrounds and contract industries such as cleaning and security.

Noreen was also an official visitor to Keelong Remand Centre and played a key role in establishing the first HomeCare NSW Award.

Noreen has also been an active member of local community groups and was part of the inaugural committee, which established the Illawarra Womens Health Centre and the South Coast Workers Child Care Centre, and was convenor of Neighbourhood Committee Group 8. Noreen is very proud of her community and is a strong voice for the people of Wollongong in the NSW Parliament.

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