Labor's New Environment Policy




Tony Burke Outlines Labor's Vision for the Environment

Tony Burke MP addressed the National Conference, introducing Labor's new environmental policy.

Announcements included: 
*Introducing an Emissions Trading Scheme which imposes a legal limit on carbon pollution 
*Adopt post 2020 pollution reduction targets, consistent with doing Australia’s fair share in limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. Labor will base these targets on the latest advice of bodies such as the independent Climate Change Authority.
*Develop a comprehensive plan to progressively decarbonise Australia’s energy sector, particularly in electricity generation
*Work to undo the damage that the Coalition Government has done to the renewable energy sector, and be ambitious in growing the renewable energy sector beyond 2020
*Work with the land sector and other stakeholders to store millions of tonnes of carbon in the land through better land and waste management.
*Restore integrity, independence and capacity to the environment and climate change portfolios and relevant science agencies

These mark some of the biggest advances in environmental policy in Australia's history and it is something NSW Labor is tremendously proud of.