Labor Action Committees

The Labor Action Committees are communities of Labor activists and supporters that possess strong Labor values and have joined us in the fight for social justice. These Labor Action Committees are all formally affiliated with the Party and are great contributors to our cause.

During the year, the Labor Action Committees host events to activate and engage with their communities of Labor supporters. Among these are annual dinners, community forums and cultural festivities. If you would like to attend any of their events or would like to get involved, you can find information below by clicking on the link to any particular Labor Action Committee.

Get involved in a Labor Action Committee:

Chinese Friends of Labor

Vietnamese Friends of Labor
Arabic Friends of Labor Filipino Friends of Labor
Sub-Continent Friends of Labor Irish Friends of Labor
Hellenic Caucus Labor Environment Action Network
Italian Friends of Labor Labor for Innovation
Hanguk Labor Labor Education And Reform Network
Labor for Palestine  

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