Cherie Burton

CherieBurton200-268.jpgCherie Burton is raising two young sons with her husband Andrew, so she understands the pressures families face every day.

Cherie never gives up – she keeps working until she gets the job done, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. As the local MP for Kogarah, Cherie has delivered:

• Upgrades for every school;
• Major upgrades for St George Hospital;
• A new Police Station in Kogarah;
• An upgrade for Kingsgrove Police Station;
• Upgrades for every train station;
• A free 350 spot commuter car park in Kogarah;
• Funding to replace Allawah Bridge; and
• A major upgrade to Kogarah Oval.

Cherie will fight hard to get the best deal for her community. She stood up for the Kogarah community on issues such as:

• Stopping high rise development in Kogarah;
• Securing a free pensioner photo ID card; and
• Securing funding for Dragon Tag.

Cherie is an active member of the Kogarah community. She is patron of local community organisations such as the:

• Kogarah Bay Sailing Club;
• St George Sutherland Women’s Cricket Club; and
• Waratah Soccer Club.

Leadership Positions

Member for Kogarah

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Phone: (02) 9587 9684

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